Weekend Getaway Packing Tips

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I’m outta here next weekend and I couldn’t be more excited. Me and my bestie are taking a road trip to Milwaukee to see the hilarious Nicole Byer and it’s going to be wonderful to get out of town for a couple days.

No matter the length of your trip, packing always presents its own challenges. You may be asking yourself what do I pack, how do I pack it and what type of luggage will I need? I used to stress out when heading on a weekend getaway, but with my husband working out of town in the summer I’ve developed a system to take the pressure off of packing when I visit him over the weekend.

Pack Outfits together

This might be a controversial take, but I am a big fan of packing my outfits together. I start by folding the bottom layer and stacking my top layer and undergarments on top. I’ll keep my jackets and other outer layers separate so I can wear them with multiple outfits. The benefit I’ve found with this method is I can grab the stack of whatever I’m wearing that day without fishing around for each item. My luggage stays neater and I’m able to stay more organized for the duration of my trip with this method.

I’ll do this with pajamas, as well, and include what I’m wearing to bed at the top of my bag so I can easily access my pajamas the first night of my trip. Extra underwear, socks, top layers and shoes get packed in a different section of my luggage.

Fold or Roll?

If you’re heading out of town for a long time, rolling your clothes will definitely preserve more space in your luggage. Because I’m just going to be gone for one weekend, I’m not too concerned with saving space so I’m going to be folding my clothes. Folding also makes it easy to stay organized, which is a huge plus.

Layers, Layers, Layers

You can never predict exactly what the weather will be when you go out of town, but you can be ready for the unpredictable with smart layers. Pack items like jackets and sweatshirts that can be worn with multiple outfits.

Favorite Top Layers

Packing cubes

I adore my packing cubes. I have several sizes that I use for different items. I pack my outfits together in my large cubes and save the smaller ones for extra undergarments, socks and outer layers. They help save space in your luggage and keep everything so wonderfully organized.

And a quick tip for dirty laundry – Keep a couple plastic grocery bags or reusable totes and refold your dirty laundry, stash it in the bag, and place it back in the cube. You’ll continue to save space and stay organized while keeping your dirty laundry separate.

The options below from Amazon would be an affordable and stylish way to keep your luggage organized.

Favorite Packing Cubes on Amazon

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Plan your outfits, but plan to be flexible

I find having a couple go-to outfits at the ready takes the stress from much of the day-to-day on a trip. Of course, it’s impossible to plan for everything. Weather might not agree with your plans or maybe you’re just not feeling a certain outfit on your trip. Pack some alternatives that easily work with the rest of what you’ve grabbed. You don’t have to go crazy with this, either. An extra pair of leggings or sweats make for a comfy option when you’re away from home.


Because I’m going away for just a couple days, I’m not packing much of my hair tools, just one styling tool and a small bottle of product. I’m not planning on washing my hair but worse case I’ll use the hotel shampoo and conditioner and let my hair air dry if needed. My styling tool of choice lately is this blow dryer brush. I can spend a few minutes in the morning running this through my hair for a smooth look that will last all day.

Blow Dryer Brushes from Amazon

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For makeup, I’ll pack a select few items in a small bag. Just the essentials and maybe a couple fun eyeshadows to play with.

Suitcase, backpack, or weekender bag?

This is a question I used to struggle with quite a bit. The advantage of a suitcase is the convenience and size. However, if your destination doesn’t have much available space, a suitcase may just be in the way. Camping in a tent or camper may make it more difficult to store your luggage so in this case I would recommend a backpack or weekender bag. For this upcoming trip, I plan on bringing my suitcase. We are driving in an suv and staying at a hotel so I plan on taking advantage of the extra available space.

But if I was taking a weekender, I do love these and may pick one out for camping trips in the future.