A No-Cook Lunch I Could Eat Every Day

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There are 4 main components I consider when putting meals together for me and my family. Protein, carbohydrates, fats and produce. Making sure each meal of the day has these elements is a game changer when it comes to feeling nourished and full.

I am also busy and finding the time to prep and eat well is a challenge on the daily. On days that seem impossibly over-scheduled, I turn to pantry staples and easy-to-prepare produce to make a meal not only quick, but balanced and sustaining.

This is an example of a lunch I could eat every day. A can of tuna for protein, some crackers or bread for carbohydrates, olives and cheese for fat, and some clementines and green beans for produce. Yes, the green beans were blanched, but this was part of my batch cooking and done days before.

The best part? Each of these elements could easily get mixed and matched to create a unique meal with whatever you have on hand. Swap pita chips for crackers, grab some almonds to replace the olives, replace the green beans with cucumbers and try a different type of tinned fish for a meal that feels unique but still has all the satisfying components.

Next time you feel too busy to eat well, remember that a simple mix of pantry staples and produce can make a balanced meal that can keep you full for hours.