Jurassic Park Inspired Outfits

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The stomach bug recently ran amok through our home which meant a few sick days with our little one. Consequently, we watched Jurassic Park A LOT.

This was a favorite of both Jay and I when we were young so we were thrilled to have it playing on repeat. And, honestly, the film holds up. The theme, the plot, even the cgi. I highly recommend a rewatch if you haven’t checked it out in a beat.

What really caught my eye were the costumes. This movie is peak 90s fashion. Braided belts? Yes. Matching linen sets? Of course. Pleats? Absolutely.

With the 90s fashion resurgence still in full swing, recreating these outfits was so easy and fun. Below you’ll find my outfit interpretations of some of my favorite characters along with links to recreate the looks yourself!

Dr. Alan Grant

Does it get more 90s dad than Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park? The pleated khakis, the braided belt, the rolled up denim shirt? To recreate this look, I went for a wide leg trouser and blue linen shirt as the base. I added the iconic red bandana and belt and opted for a pointy toe-loafer in a crocodile print. A slight left turn from Dr. Alan Grant’s work boots, but this felt a little more feminine while still being on theme.

This would be a perfect look to wear to the office.

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Dr. Ellie Sattler

Everybody’s favorite paleobotanist, Dr. Ellie Sattler shows up to Jurassic Park in a stylish but practical khaki shorts and tied pink shirt look. I swapped the character’s purple tank top for a green one to match my shoes. Again, I opted to swap the work boots for something more practical. In this case, a green sneaker. This also makes it feel less like cosplay and more like a little nod to the character. 

I love this look for daycare drop off and running errands.

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Dr. Ian Malcom

The bad boy of the mathematician world, Dr. Ian Malcom wears a black monochrome look throughout the film. Easy to recreate with some black straight-leg jeans, a black button down and leather jacket. Add a simple black boot and you’re good to go. I topped this look off with some silver jewelry to make this heavy look feel a little more feminine.

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Donald Gennaro

The first time we watched this movie with our son I audibly gasped when Donald Gennaro came on the screen. The lawyer shows up in the chicest matching linen short suit with a striped button down and panama hat. Iconic. Opted to make this look a little more casual with a denim short and went with a black flat loafer to complete the look.

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Robert Muldoon

A matching vest and short set is so on trend right now making Robert Muldoon’s look so easy and fun to recreate. I paired this with a white button down for the base of this outfit. If I’m being honest, the hat and boots make it feel a little like I’m cosplaying the character, but I don’t think that’s going to stop me from wearing them together. 

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