About Daily Ciabatta

Daily Ciabatta is a made in Michigan food blog featuring recipes that are usually healthy, occasionally indulgent, and always crafted with big flavor. Many of the dishes are inspired by Michigan’s Great Outdoors and include wild game and fish as well as more traditional favorites.


I’m Corrine Soave, a full time web designer and admirer of all things food. I live near Lansing, MI with my husband and our two hounds. Being a Michigander means date nights often include hikes in the woods, roasting marshmallows around a campfire, or grilling up some delicious eats. My husband is a fishing charter captain by profession and dedicated outdoorsman the rest of the time. Consequently, our freezer is well stocked with venison, walleye, perch, and salmon. Daily Ciabatta features our favorite recipes using these components in a way I hope inspires others to get adventurous in the kitchen.


I admittedly don’t have any professional experience cooking but we did get the Food Network when I was a sophomore in high school. I remember watching Rachael Ray cook 30 Minute Meals and feeling for the first time like this was something I could do. It wasn’t long after that my dad and I were in the kitchen trying our hand at the recipes from the episodes we watched together. Sometimes it was successful, other times it was a learning experience.


My mom will be the first to admit she cannot stand being in the kitchen but she gets all the credit for teaching me the importance of sharing a meal as a family, even if that meal was a Stouffer’s lasagna. Because of this, I have a deep appreciation for sitting down and breaking bread with family and friends and being able to cook for loved ones is one of my most favorite things.

I view food the same way some people view clothes or cars. Whether it’s taking the extra time to make homemade pizza dough or sacrificing a few more dollars for the really good cheese, I believe it’s worth the extra investment. Daily Ciabatta is all about making the most out of the food we eat.